Our Story

Wild Nettle is an ode to the Wild, an ode to the Weeds,

An ode to Wise Women’s favourite remedies.

Our mission is to return wild plant allies to the people through simple herbal infusions.

We put the power of healing back into your own hands,

By encouraging you to make nourishing your body an everyday ritual.

You do not have to wait to get sick to start caring about your health,

Our wild allies will satiate your body with all the minerals and vitamins your body needs.

Choose from our foundational five below and make herbal Infusions part of your self-care routine.

The Weeds

Get to know your new wild friends


Our Wild Nettle Ritual Set provides you with all that you need to start your infusion-making journey.





Find out why Wild Weed Infusions are the medicine for these times

Hairy Truths

Hairy Truths

When we let our hair grow, when we actually "rewild", we filter out the onlookers who liked us smooth and sweet and silent.  We suddenly feel the aching aloneness of just how rare we really are, An endangered species indeed...

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Nettle has become a secret magical elixir for me. It gives me slow-burn energy throughout the day, and helps me avoid the afternoon fatigue. I also have no more candy cravings!

Dale September

Drinking infusions has been so supportive for my mental health. It is a simple ritual that provides so much goodness, deep softness & bodily resilience. I shamelessly take my jars of infusions everywhere.

Maxine Boltman

I crave my infusions when I wake up. I have noticed my skin has become so hydrated & glowing. I love nettle as it grounds and provides me with all the vitamins & minerals I need to feel super energized.

Iggy Van Dinther


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