Red Clover ~ Antioxidant & Fertility Ally

R 350.00

Meet our foundational anti-cancer weed and ally for all women at all stages of womanhood!

Anti-cancer: Red clover blossoms are packed with nourishing phytosterols (plant sterols) that are bio-converted by our bodies into helpful anti-cancer and anti-stress hormones and she has anti-tumor compounds. She also improves lymphatic functioning ~ important for breast cancer prevention. 

Fertility Ally: RCB increases cervical mucus & helps soften scar tissue in the fallopian tubes that may be causing infertility. 

(Note: RCB must be made as an infusion, not a tea, & be drunk regularly for at least 3 - 6 months before pregnancy to be most effective. Once pregnant, it is best to stop drinking RCB & only begin again after birth)

Breast Milk Production: RCB is safe after birth, to support the flow of breast milk & feed a women’s body with the essential micronutrients she needs. RCB also helps moms postpartum by nourishing their liver, kidneys & heart - all of which worked overtime during pregnancy.

Menopause: RCB produces safe plant-based phytoesterols which have estrogen-like effects on the body. These phytoesterols naturally reduce symptoms such as hot flushes, osteoporosis & cardiovascular disease.

Brain Ally: Red Clover also improves memory and lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s

Drink her regularly to ensure hormonal harmony, improved memory, supple skin, and happy, healthy (and lubricated) yonis ~ what a winner! 

Best served as a cold iced tea - slightly bitter so honey may support her astringency. 

We love her with a slice of bergamot for that Earl-Grey-Black-Tea kinda taste (without the caffeine of course).

Share her with the whole family, we all could benefit from her antioxidant properties.

{Ingredients: 100% Wild-Foraged Trifolium pratense}