Red Clover ~ Antioxidant & Fertility Ally

R 333.00

Meet our foundational anti-cancer weed... Anti-cancer?

Yes! Red clover blossoms are packed with nourishing phytosterols (plant sterols) that are bio-converted by our bodies into helpful anti-cancer and anti-stress hormones.

We consider her a supreme ally for women as she prevents and counters breast cancer by improving lymphatic functioning as well as supports our future mamas who want to bear children.

Yearning to be done with the child-bearing years and feeling the heat of menopause? 

Not to worry, she will support you too! Cooling, grounding, and rich in all the minerals and flavonoids the body needs, Red clover will support your transition from one rite of passage to the next. 

Drink her regularly to ensure hormonal harmony, improved memory, supple skin, and happy, healthy (and lubricated) yonis. 

Best served as a cold iced tea - slightly bitter so honey may support her astringency. 

We love her with a slice of bergamot for that Earl-Grey-Black-Tea kinda taste (without the caffeine of course).

Share her with the whole family, we all could benefit from her antioxidant properties.

{Ingredients: 100% Wild-Foraged Trifolium pratense}