Oat Straw ~ Libido & Longevity Ally

R 350.00

 Malty sweet golden milk for supreme nervous system support. Oat straw is our go-to for all things stress, anxiety, and emotional rollercoasters. 

She is an Ayurvedic herb of longevity known to invite emotional flexibility through her gentle yet effective nervine qualities. Her minerals support nervous system resilience. 

Bone Building: One cup of oat straw infusion contains over 300 mg of bioavailable calcium that is immediately absorbed by the body (unlike calcium supplements). Calcium maintains healthy bones, nerves, muscles and blood vessels. 

Heart Ally: She also ensures a healthy heart by moderating cholesterol and blood sugar levels. 

Digestion: Oat straw has steroidal saponins which are known to nourish the pancreas and liver, and improve overall digestion. 

Brain Functioning: Oat straw boosts mental capacity by increasing alpha-2 waves in the brain that lead to feelings of greater alertness, concentration, and joy!

Delicious, nutritious, and her most revered superpower?

Aphrodisiac: She boosts our libido, by increasing sexual desire through improved circulation and dopamine levels in the brain leading to greater feelings of pleasure & libido. 

Best served warm with honey before sexy time or cool over ice to start your day the right way.

Take your time, and drink her regularly, she will be your new best friend in no time!

{Ingredients: 100% Wild-Foraged Avena sativa}