Making an infusion is an easy, accessible and everyday ritual for all. Our mission is to inspire all of our customers to make infusions themselves, so they too can embody our core value: I am my own healer!

Below you will find some simple steps to guide you on this journey of meeting and connecting with your new green allies. 

What you will need:

  • 1 litre glass jar
  • A measuring scoop/cup
  • A sieve/cheesecloth
  • Boiling water
  • Metal spoon
  • Wild Nettle weeds
  • Patience & commitment

How to Make a Wild Weed Infusion:

  • Pre-warm your glass 1 litre jar (pour in some boiled water and swirl it around in the jar to pre-heat it)
  • Place roughly 28g/ 1 cup of dried weeds into the glass jar (you can also do half a cup if you are new to infusions)
  • Pour boiling water into the jar (using a metal spoon to stir away any air bubbles)
  • Close the lid and let the weeds steep for 4 hours minimum, 9 hours maximum on your counter top (option to infuse overnight before bed).
  • Once hours have passed, strain the plant material with a sieve or cheesecloth (you can strain all of the liquid into another 1L glass jar for ease and practicality, close the lid) 
  • Drink the infusion as is or reheat or immediately refrigerate the leftovers (your infusion must be drunk within 2 days once refrigerated) 
  • If your infusion is not drunk within 2 days, use it as a hair rinse or feed this liquid gold to your plants.
  • Compost the leftover strained dried weeds directly into the soil or into your compost bin (by giving back to the soil, we receive more from the plant allies ~ this is reciprocity)
  • Remember, there are no rules - enjoy the ritual of infusion making and learn to listen to what weeds your body is intuitively calling for (as well as the amount your body wants in each moment)