Mullein ~ Lung & Respiratory Ally

R 350.00

 Did you know this fuzzy-leafed weed is one of the world’s oldest lung allies?

Respiratory Ally: Mullein is known for her ability to strengthen and repair lung tissue by expelling excess mucus and relieving tightness in the chest.

Mullein helps with asthma, bronchitis, and smokers’ lungs ~ as she is great support for transitioning away from tobacco overuse. 

Demulcent: Mullein is a demulcent (an agent that forms a soothing film over a mucous membrane) ~ she, therefore, relieves inflammation & irritation in the lungs

Grief: On an emotional level, mullein is said to support our chest and heart through times of grief and emotional turmoil

Mullein is traditionally served with organic, grass-fed milk (1 part milk, 1 part infusion) and some chai spice (contact us for the recipe). 

Alternatively, if you are a wild one like us and enjoy the taste of the weeds, her cold Earthy flavour goes well over ice. 

Read the canister carefully for recommended quantities if taking mullein for particular respiratory ailments. 

NB: Make sure to strain your mullein with a cheesecloth to ensure no little fine hairs tickle your throat!

{Ingredients: 100% Wild-Foraged Verbascum thapsus}