Lime Blossom ~ Immunity & Anti-Inflammatory Ally

R 333.00

Mmmm Linden, Lime Blossoms, Tilia cordata...

Meet our supreme anti-inflammatory ally, she goes by many names. A safe and effective remedy against inflammation in the body.

Her magic is in the slippery gel that is released when making an infusion that soothes our internal tissues and mucous membranes. This mucilaginous gel cools and eases skin irritations, allergies as well as bladder upsets.

Lime blossoms are also known as ancient allies against colds and flu and other respiratory issues due to their soothing properties. She is also known to nourish our hearts and relax our nervous systems.

Best served as a cold ice tea or warmed with honey. 

Goes well with lemon or lime for a refreshing burst of flavour.

Take your time, follow-through, she is worth the effort to get to know her.