Wild Nettle Ritual Set

R 1,500.00

Making your wild weed infusions a daily ritual requires your commitment. 

Discipline is devotion and what better way to enjoy your weeds than with our beautiful golden ritual set?

Wild Nettle Ritual Set Includes:

  • Handmade Golden Woven Sieve 
  • Handmade Golden Measuring Scoop 
  • 100% Cotton Cheesecloth 
  • 1 Litre Glass Jar & Golden Lid
  • Personal Wild Nettle Love Note 

Why Brass? "Getting down to brass tacks"

We have specifically chosen our ritual set to be made of the highest quality brass because it resists corrosion and has significant healing properties. Brass clears out the old and makes way for pure truth. Many small villages in the Himalayas carry their water in brass containers to increase strength and immunity.