Should I drink my infusion hot or cold?

This is totally up to you. By the time the weeds have been infused (4-8 hours) they are usually now at room temperature. You can then add ice to drink them cold (preferable) or reheat them to have them warm. This does not change anything about their mineral make-up.

Can I combine all of the herbs together in one infusion?

We recommend getting to know each ally individually first. Just like a friend or lover, sometimes too many at once can dilute your experience of intimacy. When you combine them all together you will also not know which one is affecting you and how. Once you have a solid foundation with one, then yes, go ahead and get poly with it. Overall though, some flavours do seem to clash so we tend to keep it monogamous around here ;) But then again we are all different so you do you boo!

How long till the herbs and infusions go bad/off?

Our dried herbs last 1 year, make sure to store them in a cool, dry and dark place. Once strained, infusions last 2 - 3 days, but only if kept in the fridge! So, be sure to pop your infusion in the fridge asap after straining it.

Can my children drink infusions?

Yes all our infusions are safe for children as they have no stimulating or sedating properties. Importantly, each of our herbal allies are nutritive plants and full of minerals - great for growing kids. We highly recommend an infusion mixed with a bit of honey or soda water for an alternative healthy cool-drink for kids.

Can I drink infusions whilst pregnant?

You can drink nettle and oat straw safely while pregnant. It is best to avoid Hibiscus, Lime Blossom, Mullein and Red Clover. However, during your postpartum period, all of the herbal allies are safe to drink. We especially recommend Red Clover for pre-conception (fertility ally) and post-birth, as it is an incredible galactagogue and supports breastmilk production.

Where are your herbs from? Are they free from pesticides?

Yes! Our herbal allies do not come from cultivated crops, but grow wildly, freely and are harvested this way. They are also grown in areas that are free of pesticides, pollutants and contamination. Much of our herbs come from an ethical wild-foraging family that has been growing and harvesting herbs for centuries.

How old are your herbs? How long do you hold stock?

We don’t hold stock, we get the freshest herbs available. Because of this, our herbs may change in look, texture and taste, depending on the supplier, the season, and the conditions they were grown.