Nettle ~ Energy & Adrenal Ally

R 170.00

Meet your grandmother's original superfood.

A weed so common, yet often overlooked.

Nettle literally stings us so we can wake up and pay attention to her magic. For she has the highest density of nutrition than any other plant and is here to return vitality to our bodies once more. 

Packed with vitamins, minerals, and proteins, she energises our systems from the inside out, repairing our adrenals and easing us out of our cravings for stimulants.

There is more energy found in 1 cup of nettle infusion than any other stimulating herb or substance on the market. Nettle also leaves us with long, sustained energy rather than short, sharp bursts that end up depleting us afterward.

Look to nettle to build bones, restore mood, strengthen hair, firm nails, and brighten skin. She is so generous and so full of magical properties including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, reducing cancer risks, and strengthening our lungs. 

Best served over ice or used as a base for miso soup. 

If you struggle with her deeply rich and Earthy flavour, freshen with a sprig of mint. 

Take your time, follow through, she is worth the effort to get to know her.

{Ingredients: 100% Wild-Foraged Urtica diocia}