Wild-foraged weeds are our top priority at Wild Nettle. Knowing that many of us are suffering from micronutrient deficiencies (read more here) makes us super excited to bring you these wild green allies ~ a wise witch's favourite medicine for nourishing the body. 

We only supply weeds that we can guarantee come from soil rich in minerals, microorganisms, and organic matter. Our weeds are pesticide-free and have never been genetically modified. Our suppliers, both local and global, ensure living water, clean air, and uncontaminated soil are their top priority. 

Our mission at Wild Nettle reaches far beyond these screens. We ensure our suppliers are committed to sustainability on all fronts. Where local growers and foragers are supported in implementing sustainable procurement practices as well as species protection and cultivation for a greater diversity of plant life.  

Weeds are ancient

Weeds are abundant

They grow almost everywhere

And they improve the fertility of our soil.  

Weeds are friends, not foes!

Weeds are also some of the most nutritious plants in the plant kingdom and carry special codes of resiliency that support our bodies to not just survive, but thrive.


Many have asked us why we do not powder our weeds or sell them as capsules or bottled liquid for convenience? Our answer... 

Whole plants = whole people 

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

We do not believe in fracturing or isolating minerals to provide “quick fixes” to our crisis of malnutrition and micronutrient deficiency. Supplements, powders, and synthesised minerals or vitamins are not as readily recognised or absorbed by the body. We have gone down deep rabbit holes to discover that most commercial supplements, quite simply, do not work. And not only do they not work, but they can also have harmful effects in the body if used long-term. 

Supplements are a billion-dollar industry that have a lot of "good" marketing behind them. The regulation of dietary supplements is much less rigorous than medical drugs however, even though they often behave like drugs in our bodies. 

Nature works in perfect harmony with all Her components. A single mineral cannot do its job alone. It is the synergistic relationship of all compounds found within the plants that make the magic happen.

This is why we use whole, dried plants when making our nourishing infusions.


We believe, and know, that plants have spirits too. When we work with our weeds, we maintain the holiness and integrity of them by treating them as living friends. We encourage you to get to know each green ally (Goddess). Treat these 5 Goddesses with the reverence and respect they deserve. We use single herbs per canister and infusion because we know that quality time ensures quality connection. Spend time with one weed to discover her subtleties and eccentricities. Notice how your body responds to each ally, soon you will intuitively know which weed to turn to. 

The Wild Nettle Goddesses ask for your undivided attention, please.   

“Wild plants nourish the fullness of your being from the fullness of their being. A cultivated plant nourishes less fully and evokes less integration, wholeness, strength, and energy, according to the conditions of which it's grown…”

-  Susun Weed, Grandmother of the Wise Woman Way

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