Hibiscus sabdarifa ~ Immune & Heart Healing Ally (300g)

R 350.00

Meet our newest ally, and a trusted favourite the world over, Hibiscus (roselle)!

AKA Bissap (West Africa) or Karkadé (Middle East) or Agua de Jamaica (Latin America) 

This delicious flower creates the most spectacular bright red infusion that is packed with minerals & vitamins that nourish your blood, heart, immune system, bones, nerves & blood vessels. 

Heart Healer: strengthens blood vessel walls, lowers blood pressure & cholesterol & controls proper blood viscosity. 

Digestive & Weight Ally: alleviates heartburn, supports bowel movements through intestinal peristalsis & helps shed excess weight. 

Cleansing: packed with flavonoids & antioxidants that fight free radicals, remove excess waste as well as nourish & protect the liver 

Diuretic & Anti-bacterial: an amazing ally for all bladder issues & infections as well as an ally against PMS symptoms 

Bones & Nerves: the calcium in hibiscus builds strong bones & keeps our nervous systems nourished & our muscles strong 

Known as a natural “botox” ~ hibiscus boosts collagen production & brightens skin. 

Best served hot or cold - she is deliciously fruity & tart, add a touch of honey for sweetness.  We love her with a slice of bergamot or some rooibos & cinnamon.

Hibiscus is safe for the whole family - kids love it. NOT recommended for pregnant women though - wait till after birth!

{Ingredients: 100% Organic Hibiscus sabdarifa}

300g of hibiscus in a brown refill bag