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How to Infuse

How to Infuse

Infusions are an easy, accessible and everyday ritual for all.

If you look carefully on your canisters, we provide you with all of the information that you need to get started on your infusion journey. You will also find little fun facts about why infusions are so beneficial and how they are VERY different to teas.

Allow the following steps to be your guide, and enjoy the process of connecting to your new green allies!

What you'll need:

1 litre glass jar

a measuring scoop/cup


boiling water

metal spoon

WN weeds

patience & commitment

How to Make WN Infusions:

  • Pre-warm your glass jar

pour in some boiled water and swirl it around in the jar to pre-heat it.

  • Place roughly 28g/ 1 cup dried weeds into the glass jar

you can also do half a cup if you are new to infusions and want to get accustomed to the flavours.

  • Pour boiling water into the jar, using a metal spoon to stir away any air bubbles

fill the whole jar up with boiling water.

  • Close the lid and let the weeds steep for 4 hours minimum - 9 hours maximum

infusing the weeds overnight is a good option.

  • Strain the plant material with a sieve or cheesecloth

you can strain all of the liquid into another 1L glass jar for ease and practicality.

  • Drink the infusion or immediately refrigerate - it must be drunk within 2 days

if the infusion is not drunk within 2 days, use it as a hair rinse or feed this liquid gold to your plants.

  • Remember, there are no rules - enjoy the ritual of infusion making and learn to listen to what weeds your body is intuitively calling out for.

Please share your infusion journey with us, we love hearing from you!

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